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Looking for Heroes? Try Christian Publishing

- 03/17/14  

Middle East: Frances Fuller on publishing in a war zone

Frances Fuller tells her remarkable story of leading a Christian publishing house during the Lebanese Civil War in her new book, In Borrowed Houses. The former publisher and MAI Board member shares personal insights from that experience, and her heart for the church and Christian publishing in the post-Arab Spring Middle East, in this interview with MAI staff intern Joanne Kim.

Q: How has your view of publishing changed through your experience working in a war zone?
The war made me focus on human needs and see that publishing was not about building my institution but about building faith and hope, providing helps for seekers and tools for servants.

The war actually improved our marketing system. When war broke out our only warehouse was in a war zone.  We saw that we had to decentralize and began to work with people in other countries who could stock and sell our books.  The result was expansion and efficiency.

Q: What gave you the biggest satisfaction and joy amidst the difficulties and challenges during the Lebanese Civil War?

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Photo above: Lebanese publishing staff with Frances Fuller, seated front right

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Photo by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee, Freedigitalphotos

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Looking for heroes? Try Christian publishing

I’ll never forget Frances Fuller’s riveting talk at LittWorld some 20 years ago.  She told what it’s like to lead a Christian publishing house—Baptist Publications in Lebanon—during a time of war.

Shellings, fuel shortages and shooting made life a challenge.  Some wanted Frances and her family to leave because of the dangers.  But what would happen to the Christian publishing then?

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John Maust
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Walking the Tightrope of Editing a Respected Writer

Editors face multiple challenges in working with well-known writers, especially in non-Western contexts. Beng Alba-Jones, a freelance editor and former assistant editorial manager for OMF Literature, Inc. shares her insights and experiences below. She will be co-leading MAI’s upcoming webinar, "Who? You edit me?!" with Sabry Botros of Egypt on Weds., March 19.

It takes a tremendous amount of faith on the part of an author to trust a young editor. A young editor needs to jump through more hoops to prove to an author that he is competent enough to help him or her churn out a great book.

As for respect, a young editor needs to earn it — by showing excellent work ethics, professionalism and care for the author, among others. If you are perceived to be too young to be an expert in editing, you need to think smarter and work harder.

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