Free Worldwide Webinars

We are expanding our global publisher training with the launch of free monthly webinars led by expert trainers. The interactive sessions will include polls, surveys and time for questions. Sessions will be recorded for on-demand access after the live webcast.

"Beyond the content of the teaching, it is a blessing just to be online and listen to people from different parts of the world discuss their efforts to let God use them to reach people for Christ...What an awesome way to sense the privilege, responsibility and joy we have as brothers and sisters in the Lord, united as one around the world, to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission."        -Shirley McCoy, author

Upcoming webinars

March 17- "Writing for Youth" with Pastor Ronald Molmisa of the Philippines, author of the bestselling Lovestruck series on love, courtship and marriage for teens to early 20s. The Lovestruck Movement includes seminars and conferences attended by thousands of young people. Register online now.

April 22- "Time Management, Life Balance and Avoiding Burnout"
with Pastor Soo-Inn Tan of Malaysia/Singapore. He
is a founding director of Graceworks, a training and publishing consultancy committed to promoting spiritual friendship in church and society. Soo-Inn is committed to connecting the Word of God to the struggles of daily life through teaching, mentoring and writing. Register online now

May 12- "Building Your Team Toward Achieving Results" with Larry Downs. Publishing leaders set project deadlines, define goals and assign responsibilities. Learn how to lead your team to reach goals, and which project management principles and tools to apply in order to get results.

Larry is the senior vice president of Spanish Publishing, the Spanish division of HCCP, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and part of HarperCollins.
He has been involved in full-time Spanish publishing for more than 25 years. Register online now.

Recordings of past webinars available online:

Jan 13- The Editor-Author Relationship: Stormy or Strong? with Martin Manser, a professional consultant, trainer and reference-book editor based in the UK.

Dec 16- How to Design a Book Cover That Sells
with Michael Collie of Sparklit, Australia.

Nov 19- Budgeting and Cash Flow Management with Ricardo Dinapoli, CFO of Editora Mundo Cristão, Brazil's largest independent Christian publishing house.

Oct 22- How to Find and Nurture Local Authors
with Lawrence Darmani of Ghana.

Oct 7- Publishing Program Planning: The hows, whys and whos of what books to publish
with Yna Reyes of OMF Literature in the Philippines.

August 19- Author Promotion on a Low Budget
with Pusonnam Yiri of Nigeria and
Jennifer Karina of Kenya.

June 17- Selling Online with Aleks Tan of the Philippines. Aleks is CEO of OMF Literature, the largest Christian publisher in the Philippines.

Apr 15- The Power of the Story: Getting started in writing fiction
with Jeanette Windle of the US. Jeanette is an award-winning fiction author and an editor who serves with BCM International. Check out her recent post on writing non-fiction.

Mar 19- Who?! You Edit Me?
with Beng Alba-Jones and Sabry Botros. Read the exclusive interview with Beng, "Walking the Tightrope of Editing a Respected Writer".

Feb 18 - Leadership in Publishing to Expand God's Kingdom
with Barine Kirimi and Mark Carpenter. Get a taste of this webinar: watch the 2 minute video on balancing business and work relationships with Barine.

Jan 14 - Bookselling Success for Publishers: Learn best practices in book selling, with Tony Wales. This webinar was based on Tony's 4-part blog series,  Four Vital Ways to Improve Your Success in Book Sales:
Part 1: Preparation
Part 2: Selling the Benefits
Part 3: Getting the Order
Part 4: Following up

Dec 12 - Thinking and Doing Digital Publishing
with Dan Balow and Carlo Carrenho

Webinars start at 8 AM Central Time. Contact for further details.