Free Worldwide Webinars

We are expanding our global publisher training with the launch of free monthly webinars led by expert trainers. The interactive sessions will include polls, surveys and time for questions. Sessions will be recorded for on-demand access after the live webcast.

"Beyond the content of the teaching, it is a blessing just to be online and listen to people from different parts of the world discuss their efforts to let God use them to reach people for Christ...What an awesome way to sense the privilege, responsibility and joy we have as brothers and sisters in the Lord, united as one around the world, to help fulfill Christ's Great Commission."        -Shirley McCoy, author

Upcoming webinars

July 14- "Is Less More? The discipline of self-editing" with Alice Crider of the US. Alice is the senior acquisitions and development editor for David C. Cook Publishers. Register online now. 

Video Recordings of Past Webinars Available Online:

June 16- Publishing Excellent Translations with Jophen Baui, a Filipina writer, editor and veteran translator, currently coordinator of Word Services.

May 12- Building Your Team toward Achieving Results
with Larry A. Downs of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

Apr 22- Time Management, Life Balance and Avoiding Burnout
with Pastor Soo-Inn Tan of Malaysia/Singapore, publisher of Graceworks.

Mar 17- Writing for the Younger Generation
with Pastor Ronald Molmisa of the Philippines, author of the bestselling Lovestruck series on love, courtship and marriage for teens to early 20s.

Webinars start at 8 AM Central Time. Contact for further details.