What's Ahead

2016 Training Calendar

January 18 to 21
Chile: Writer training

February 16
Webinar "Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for Book Publishers"

March 17 to 20
Romania: Publisher training

March 22
Webinar "Building an Effective Publishing House Website"

April 19
Webinar "Engaging Your Readers through Social Media"

June 6 to 10
Mexico: Latin American publishers conference

June 23 to 25
Writer training

Dates to be determined
Kyrgyzstan: Publisher consulting

Tajikistan: Publisher internship

Nigeria: Publisher consulting and writer training

South Sudan: Editorial assistance

Rwanda: Writer training

Belarus: Publisher and writer training

Ukraine: Publisher and writer training

Photo courtesy of Jeam Wong. Barine Kirimi of Kenya (left) chats with Gary Hopwood of the US at LittWorld 2015 in Singapore.

Dates and projects subject to change. For additional information about any of these trainings, please contact MAI, mai@littworld.org.