What's Ahead

2014 Training Calendar

April 15
Webinar: Getting Started in Fiction Writing

April 21-25  
Cote d’Ivoire
Marketing and writer training hosted by CPE, Francophone Africa's largest Christian publishing house, with Ramon Rocha as facilitator.

April 28-30
Publisher consulting for InterVarsity-related PBA publishing house with Ramon Rocha as trainer

May 20
Webinar: Writing for Children

June 3-7
Writing workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by Mission Possible-Bulgaria with Marion Stroud (UK) and Alice Crider (US) as trainers.

June 17
Webinar: Selling Online

July 15
Webinar: Writing the As-Told-To Story

August 19
Webinar: Author Promotion on a Low Budget

September (date to be confirmed)
Webinar: How to Find and Nurture Local Writers

October 14:
Webinar: Publishing Program Planning and Cash Flow

November (date to be confirmed)
Webinar: Building a Reading Culture

December (date to be confirmed)
Webinar: Designing the Attractive Book Cover

Photo courtesy of Voicu Bojan 

Dates and projects subject to change. For additional information about any of these trainings, please contact MAI, mai@littworld.org.