Pray: Turkey, Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan

Help end the famine of global Christian literature. Pray with us for these upcoming trainings and the creation of life giving books and articles in the world's hard places.

Publisher training on Oct. 30-31 in Dhaka, consultancy visits on Oct 26-29 in Dhaka and Chittagong
Pray for:
1) The 15 participants from 6 publishing houses, that they will come with receptive hearts and minds, ready to implement changes to help make their publishing more effective and viable in a country that's 90 percent Muslim, 0.66 percent Evangelical Christian.
2) Productive consultation visits with the six Christian publishing houses.
3) Peace in the land as violent political tensions arose two years ago that led to postponement of this training.

Writer training, Oct. 31-Nov. 1 and 3

Pray for:
1) Tourist visas to be issued for our two trainers. It is taking quite some time for the Tajik travel agency to release the letter of invitation, a requirement for visa application.
2) Strength for the trainers and effective teaching.
3) The local pastors and beginning writers as they write compelling testimonies which we hope to compile and eventually publish as an outcome of this training.

Writer training and publishing consultancy, Nov. 6-8
Pray for:
1) Our host who plans to establish the first Christian publishing house in the country soon.
2) This second batch of writers together with the 13 who were trained in 2012. Pray they will regularly write helpful articles and manuscripts to reach Kyrgyz readers.

Writer training, Nov. 13-15

Pray for:
1) Effective teaching by our two trainers, good translation of content and good understanding on the part of the attendees.
2) The expected 20 participants, some traveling from rural areas, that they will be equipped, encouraged and motivated to write.
3) Excellent articles and book manuscripts to result from this workshop that will eventually get published and placed in the hands of readers.