Pray: raising up writers in Papua New Guinea

People of Papua New Guinea are largely oral learners, used to absorbing information by hearing stories, sermons, lectures or dialoguing. But interest in books is on the rise and the demand for literature is great. If you give tracts to people on the streets, they sometimes rip them out of your hands, according to Torsten Kugler of the EBC.

MAI leads a first writer workshop in Papua New Guinea this September 1 to 5 with local host denomination EBC. Twenty writers will gather for five days to learn how to write curriculum for theology students by extension (TEE). MAI-Asia head Bernice Lee of Singapore will lead the training.

Please pray: 

1) That God may raise spiritually deep people who can write for the people in PNG.

2) For an increased hunger to study theology courses, firstly in pastors, but also in church members. And that the writers will be motivated to creatively write more courses.

3) Traveling mercies and a visa for MAI Trainer Bernice Lee.