Pray for World's Hotspots

Please pray for MAI publisher and writer friends courageously serving in four of the world’s “hotspots”:

Syria:  More than 100,000 have died, and 2 million are refugees, since the fighting began in 2011. Christians are being specifically targeted in some cases. Pray for writers Rami and Saleem who attended our recent writer workshop in Lebanon and for F., whose sister is being held by government authorities.

Central African Republic:  Pray that God will intervene to end the brutal killings and restore order. Pray for pastor and writer Anatole, who has courageously tried to build bridges between Muslim and Christian leaders in the country.

South Sudan: 
Recent fighting threatens to destroy  the gains toward rebuilding of this nation still recovering from years of civil war. Pray for Bishop Joseph, who is working with MAI to start a Christian publishing house and equip writers for it.

Ukraine:  Violence has spiraled between government authorities and protestors angry about the country’s break with the European Union to form closer ties with Russia. Pray "that our leaders sit and discuss the situation we're in and find the way out with no more violence," asks Christian publisher Andrey Kravchenko of Ezdra Publishing.

Many people live in terror in these places, and our publisher friends are seeking seek to give them a message of peace and hope found in Christ (Romans 15:13). 

Photo: Writers commit to building up their nation through the written word at MAI's workshop in South Sudan, 2013.