Author Fund



MAI awards modest annual grants from the David Alexander International Author Fund to selected Christian authors in the developing world who are writing for publication in their national/regional context.

David Alexander and his wife, Pat, founded Lion Publishing in 1971 to fulfill their vision of producing Christian books specifically designed for the general market. After David died in 2002, an anonymous donor created the author fund in David’s honor. David himself often reached out to publishers and writers in the developing world by providing them help, advice and encouragement, so the author fund reflects David’s heart for encouraging others.

In its allocation of scholarship grants, MAI will give preference to authors having David’s same vision of taking Christian truth to those outside or on the fringes of the Christian community.

Recipients of the David Alexander International Author Fund will:

--Come from a developing world country or culture where author resources and encouragement are scarce.

--Be engaged in a specific book project with a deadline for completion of the manuscript.
--Establish contact with a publisher regarding possible publication of an acceptable manuscript.
--Be assigned an MAI network trainer, who will provide encouragement and consultation during the writing process.

Since award recipients are involved in a specific book project, the desired outcome of the author fund is published books and materials that communicate Christian truth and hope in hard places of God’s world. Grants generally will not exceed £600 ($1,000) for any one recipient.

Successful applications to date include:

--a talented author from Central Europe, writing a first novel.
--an author and publisher from Southeast Asia who is writing an inspirational book for Muslim children.
--a gifted Mexican author compiling a book with practical tools and advice for aspiring Latin American writers.

MAI seeks potential recipients via our training programs and through referrals from our colleagues and contacts in the various nations. Other applications meeting the requirements may, however, be considered.

For more information, please contact MAI.