Pray: Southeast Asia editorial and design training

Editors in a closed country of Asia have requested editor and design training. MAI Trainers Bernice Lee of Singapore and Dawn Jewell of MAI’s headquarters will lead editorial training, while Eric Mak of Singapore teaches graphic design.

A team of 5 dedicated women, novices in producing magazines, launched their inaugural issue of a new women's magazine focused on the theme of forgiveness. All 1,000 copies quickly sold out. So did all 2,000 copies of the second issue, and all 4,000 of the third. In the face of growing demand, the team printed 10,000 copies of their fourth issue for Christmas 2009.

The April training will help this editorial team further develop their skills in graphic design and editing. Other groups in this closed country will be invited to participate also.

Please join us in praying:

1. That God would send talented men and women who will benefit from this conference.

2. That God would help the trainers communicate effectively through interpreters

3. That the training would equip and inspire local writers and editors to continue creating  words of hope.

Read a powerful story of forgiveness featured in the magazine.