Daily Prayer Guide

Please join us in praying for the creation of life-transforming Christian literature around the world.

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"God's part is to put forth His power. Our part is to put forth faith."
-Andrew A. Bonar

1. Pray that God, by His Holy Spirit, will sweep through Asia, Africa, Latin America, East/Central Europe and the Middle East and create such a hunger in people to read material in their heart language that publishers will move from translations to original publishing.

2. Thank God for opening doors for new training initiatives in China and the Middle East, two of the world’s most challenging and spiritually strategic areas for Christian publishing. Pray for courage, protection and creativity for Arab and Chinese writers.

3. Pray for God’s leading and provision in preparations for the LittWorld 2012 conference, Oct. 28 to Nov. 2, in Kenya. Some 160 Christian publishing staff from 40 countries are expected.

4. Pray the November workshop for Christian writers in the Middle East will result in locally-authored books and articles that transform readers’ lives. Pray that popular upheavals in many Arab nations will result in greater freedom for Christian witness and publishing.

5 Thank God, and pray for, the effective service of MAI staffers Bonnie McCullough, Dawn Herzog Jewell and John Maust in the suburban Chicago headquarters. Also remember Lawrence Darmani and Ian Darke, MAI regional trainers for Africa and Latin America, respectively. 

6 MAI Trustees groups in Europe and Asia are helping respond to training needs and opportunities in their respective regions. Pray for wisdom for Europe Chair Rodney Shepherd and Asia Chair Bernice Lee. 

7. Pray that God will meet the urgent need for skilled book editors in Latin America. MAI recently revised and updated the editor training manual Edite con éxito (Edit with Success). Pray it will be widely used and studied by a new generation of creative and passionate Spanish-language editors.

8. MAI is giving increased training support to Africa’s underserved French-language publishers and writers. Pray that MAI’s regional training workshop in Brazzaville, Congo, will result in new Christian books and articles and help publishers get more materials into the hands of readers.

9. Pray that God will help Christian writers, editors and trainers keep pace with the changing technologies and take full advantage of new media to make Christ known. 

10. Thank God for MAI’s opportunity to create a series of nine articles on international Christian publishing for the Lausanne World Pulse
e-zine. Pray the articles generate increased concern for the need to equip Christian publishers and writers in the world’s hard places.

11. Remember writers in the MAI “family” who have stories waiting to be shared. Ask that God empowers them to overcome fear and obstacles to writing. Pray they will attain the internal discipline and external encouragement needed to complete the task. 

12. The BRIEF online catalogue on the MAI website helps European Christian publishers make their books known to a wider audience throughout Europe and beyond. Pray that many European publishers take advantage and post information about their new titles on the catalogue.

13. Pray that MAI training ministry stays rooted in Christ who strengthens us (Phil. 4:13). Pray that Christian writers pursue excellence and give their readers the very best with God’s help (Ecc. 12:10).

14. Thanks to gifts from two authors, MAI is preparing an informational video about our training ministry. Pray this video will raise awareness of MAI and cause many to join us in the creation of life-transforming Christian books and articles in the heart language of readers.

15. In conjunction with the Letra Viva network of Latin Christian publishers, MAI runs a yearly Spanish essay contest. The top writers earn prizes, and the best essays are published. Pray that many writers submit articles for this year’s contest, which invites reflections on what it means to live and work under the power of the Holy Spirit in Latin America.

16. Thank the Lord for individuals and groups who pray for and give to MAI. Pray He will bring new partners to MAI to sustain and grow this ministry for the advance of the Gospel worldwide through the written word. 

17. Many Christian publishers and writers in developing countries will need travel assistance to attend LittWorld 2012 in Kenya. Pray that God will help MAI raise more than $40,000 in LittWorld scholarship funds.

18. MAI is exploring possible creation of an MAI-Africa Trustees group, who would be our “eyes and ears” for training needs and opportunities on the continent. Pray for God’s leading at every step in the possible formation of this strategic group. 

19. MAI’s David Alexander International Author Fund provides modest gifts to needy writers working on book projects that present Christian truth to a general audience. Pray for wisdom in selecting fund recipients, as many could benefit from such assistance.

20. Many beginning Christian writers in Africa face challenges and hardships, which result in discouragement and the temptation to give up.  Ask God to provide dedicated editors and publishers who will develop and inspire writers to produce life-changing literature.

21. Thank God for the gifted leadership of MAI Board Chair Greg Thornton of Moody Publishers. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Greg and the Board Executive Committee. 

22. MAI training partner Barine Kirimi of Kenya recently launched the Publishing Institute of Africa. Pray for God’s provision for this training ministry to equip African Christian publishing staff. Thank God for Barine’s leadership as chair of the LittWorld 2012 Africa organizing team.

23. May God direct MAI’s global training of Christian publishing staff so that His “ways may be known on earth, His salvation among all nations” (Psalm 67:1-2).

24. MAI’s Spanish writer blog, La Aventura de escribir (The Adventure of Writing), includes how-to articles and practical tips and opportunities. Pray the blog will help writers find community with other writers and become more effective as they share God’s truth.

25. Please ask the Lord to direct the MAI Boards (international and regional) as they oversee the work of cultivating locally-authored literature around the world. Please pray with us that these godly men and women will be given wisdom, encouragement and strength daily to persevere in this ministry.

26. Please pray for MAI training efforts to support Soteria publishing house in Serbia. Pray that Soteria will find success in efforts to sell its books through the general bookshops and churches. (There is no Christian bookstore in the country.) 

27. Please pray for God’s leading and wisdom as MAI explores possible first-ever writer training workshops in Laos and Kyrgystan. Pray for writers, editors and publishers in "closed" Asian countries who daily contend with intimidation and hardship. 

28. Some 315 men and women from 35 countries received training last year from MAI. Pray they will implement their new skills for more effective writing and publishing ministries, and that they will in turn equip others. 

29. MAI board members Wambura Kimunyu and Jon Hirst lead a “social media task force” helping MAI utilize blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to promote and prepare for LittWorld 2012. Pray these efforts further strengthen MAI’s global grassroots network of Christian publishers and writers.

30. MAI is working increasingly in fragile and conflicted countries. Pray for God’s provision, protection and wisdom in helping international colleagues publish Light and Truth in dark corners of the globe (Col. 4:3-4). 

For additional information about any of the prayer requests listed here, please contact MAI at mai@littworld.org.