Get Involved

We invite you to partner with MAI in developing locally authored and published Christian books and articles around the world.  There are several ways to do that.

First, please pray for our training programs and Christian publishing staff in hard places of the world. Check out our easy-to-use prayer guide

Second, we invite your financial support. MAI's work relies on the gifts of Christian organizations and friends.

Also, you can tell your friends about MAI and advance our work without spending a cent. (See "5 Ways to Support MAI.")

Finally, if you are working in Christian publishing and would like to help as a trainer, please let us know. And, if your publishing organization would like to invite MAI's training assistance, please complete our training request form.

You may never publish or write a book yourself. But, by partnering with MAI, you will help create life-changing literature in hard places of the world.