Succesful Editing

Edite con éxito (Succesful Editing) to equip wordsmiths in Latin America

Within the Latin American Church, many scholars and pastors have the potential to become good writers. These men and women need the assistance of quality editors who can help them craft and refine messages. MAI is pleased to announce the publication of Edite con éxito (Successful Editing), a revised and updated Spanish-language editor training manual. MAI interviewed veteran editor and trainer Adriana Powell of Argentina (right in photo), who translated and helped edit this edition of the book.

How do you think Successful Editing will be a helpful resource?
One of the advantages of Successful Editing is that it covers all stages in the editorial process. In addition, the material is relevant for publishing houses that are just getting started or that have few resources, and it offers suggestions for growth.

Are there any other books like it?
There are other professional books on publishing, but this book is unique in its focus on the editing of Christian books and magazines.

Who are the target audiences for the book?
1.) Editorial leaders
2.) Anyone with editorial responsibility who needs to understand their role, evaluate their work and improve their skills
3.) Editorial trainers (the book contains exercises and teaching articles)

You’ve been professionally editing for decades already. Did you find the book beneficial personally?
I had already used chapters of this book (in the previous edition) for my professional growth. I also used some of its exercises and articles to teach others when I led editorial workshops or accompanied junior editors.

What was most helpful to you in your development as an editor?
First of all, actual work experience. Getting advice from others via personal counsel, workshops, carrying out a project, and indirectly through the book and other articles as well. And then, practice, practice and more practice, and learning from my own mistakes!

If you could pluck one piece of advice from the book, what would it be?
Communication is key to building and maintaining a good relationship between the editor and the writer. 

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By Katie Skero, former MAI intern