Servanthood and the Christian Editor

by Judith Markham

Read an excerpt from this practical booklet on the role of a Christian editor:

"If we are to serve the reader, we also must respect the reader. This means we look for material that is clear and accessible, and we look for writing and ideas that will speak to a wide spectrum of people and interests. Which book and when, which author and how, what idea, what style. This is where we must serve all the readers. There is no such thing as one great “reading public.” There are as many different kinds of readers and needs and interests as there are cultures and individuals. Certainly there are universals. Most Christians, for example, at some point will probably be interested in some kind of book on prayer or discipleship or the discipline of the Christian life. But how these subjects take shape, how they are communicated, can vary widely. As editors, we cannot afford to be elitist about readers or types of literature.a

"I feel strongly about this, because through the years, behind the scenes I have heard-and been guilty myself-of “looking down” on certain authors or books or styles. Certainly we should be discriminating; we must look for the best in a given genre or category. But we must also realize that different subjects and different styles appeal to different people-and are valid."

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