LittWorld 2012 sparks plans for homegrown reads

In many countries, less than five percent of Christian books available are penned by local authors. Hungry readers search in vain for material that speaks to their hearts, minds and daily needs. So, MAI equips men and women to create life-changing books and articles in their heart language. Hear from a few who gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, at our LittWorld 2012 global conference: 

“I have started writing a book entitled, The Crying Season, inspired by a red-chested cuckoo I heard calling one evening,” said Tesfahun Hatia, a pastor and seminary director in Ethiopia. 

“The sound of its call remained in my heart…Joblessness, hopelessness, human made and natural disasters, and many other evils are overwhelming us. I want to call people to Jesus in this crying season! It is all about kindling hope.”

Sarah* had lacked confidence to develop local authors as chief editor of a large Christian publishing house in China. “LittWorld 2012 encouraged me to build our local author team. I started doing this right after returning to Beijing…Now I know I am not alone.”

José Carlos Gutiérrez (left in photo) had taken for granted his talents as an illustrator and comic artist. “Now I realize they are wonderful gifts from God,” he said. Back in Mexico, José Carlos has begun sketching images for a graphic novel based on a new novel by a Kenyan author.

Dugermaa Vanluu is an author, pastor and musician in Mongolia, eager to reach this highly literate nation for Christ. “We have at least 320 bookstores for 2.7 million people. Supplying these bookstores with Christian literature might be an effective way of spreading the Gospel. We should use the bookstore as our front line.”

Pray with us that God will cultivate these visions and projects to satisfy the hunger of local readers.

*a pseudonym

Illustration of Dugermaa Vanluu used by permission of artist Didier Millotte

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