Clambering through the Wardrobe

By Joan Campbell, South Africa

Following in my father's foosteps, I have always read to my children. We love snuggling up together on the couch, letting the words take us into different worlds...One of our favorite's is the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. We clambered through the wardrobe door and discovered centaurs, fauns, the evil White Witch and, of course, the magnificent lion, Aslan. 

Even as an adult, these children's books touched me deeply, and I realized the powerful way a story can impart spiritual truth. My children were drawn to read other titles in the fantasy genre. However, not all of them conveyed a message of hope or pointed to a powerful, loving God. In fact, many times the opposite was true. I understood then that there is a great need for stories that are imaginative and exciting, which also honour God.

Following this insight, I wrote “Poison Tree Path,” a young adult fantasy. The main character discovers a book, which once deciphered, leads her on an exciting journey of discovery, and—through the ultimate sacrifice of another—to restoration and hope. It’s a story that resonates with God’s truth. My prayer is that it will draw young people to seek Him in His own book, the Bible.

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