Journaling and Blogging: MacJournal and WinJournal

By Ian Darke

Text editors, journaling software, word processors and writers’ tools are available in abundance for both PCs and MACs. Of course there is no reason why you shouldn’t use Word or Pages, but sometimes they may seem too heavy weight to jot down ideas or develop an article.

For Mac users who want a fast, clean word processor for writing articles, Bean is highly recommended. Among its other advantages it is free.

However, if you want to write a journal, a blog or have somewhere to gather writing ideas, look a little farther. Mariner Software has produced programs for script developers, screen writers and novelists, as well as their powerful flagship word processor, Mariner Write.  

One product that could be useful to many writers is MacJournal (or its Windows version, WinJournal). Described as a “journaling and blogging” tool, the latest version is simple and elegant to use without distraction, and flexible to adapt to your needs. Ideal as a daily journal or writing notebook, entries can include imported pictures or even PDF files.

Its advantage over other journaling programs is the ability to add extra entries, notes on writing projects, useful quotes or reminders. Entries can be regrouped, exported in standard text formats, published to a blog or sent directly by e-mail. MacJournal comes with many extra touches, for example the capability to import data from a calendar. 

Recommended for all, from a beginning writer who aims to keep a journal, to an experienced writer who has many active projects in mind.

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