Publisher Creates Gold for Readers

Continued Interview with Sinan Sweis of Ophir Publishing in Jordan 
Words for the World, July/Aug. 2010

How has the oral story-telling culture of the Middle East affected your publishing line? 
Our decision to publish Redeeming Love and Lewis’s Narnia chronicles, both of which became top-sellers in the general market, were attempts to use story. Stories with values are key.

Tell about your efforts to place books in the general market.
God wants us to be confident, bold and rational in our faith. The more you hide your faith the more dead you become. It does no good for us Christians to put our candles together and give light for one another. God is calling us back to become a part of society, and media is one of the most influential ways to impact society.
What kinds of restrictions face publishers in the Middle East?

In this context, we as Christian publishers need to be culturally, religiously and socially relevant. There is more freedom in Jordan than in other places in the region.”

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