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Digital Publishing Trends and Tips

- 06/21/12  

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April-June 2012
In This Issue:
< Digital Publishing Trends and Tips: Interview with Dan Balow of eChristian
< Tools for Managing Your Time 
< Art to Benefit LittWorld Scholarships
< Book Propelled across Borders in Europe
< It's Not Too Late: Enter the LittWorld writing contest
< LittWorld 2012
Digital Publishing Trends and Tips:  Interview with Dan Balow of eChristian
Dan Balow digests articles on digital publishing as part of his daily regime. He is the publisher for eChristian, a digital online retail store of eBooks, audio, video and also a print book and audiobook publisher, based in Chicago’s suburbs.
In this exclusive interview, learn who's reading e-books, the most popular digital genres, how marketing differs from print, tips on venturing into digital publishing, and more.  

Tools for Managing Your Time 
By Ian Darke
When it comes to organizing our time, most of us struggle. Task management programs can help with both the hurly-burly of everyday life and bigger projects or dreams.
Many task management tools have benefitted from the wisdom of David Allen in Getting Things Done (or GTD). One key principle is to start by getting on paper or computer all the tasks, ideas, projects, dreams and crazy ideas you carry in your head. Then you can begin to distinguish between your simple tasks—buy more cat food—versus projects, which may involve many stages—develop a new book series about cats.


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Art to Benefit LittWorld

Give the gift of beautiful art to a loved one or make your own investment in a timeless treasure by a Christian artist.
MAI presents this special collection of original paintings and prints by award-winning French artist Didier Millotte. Fifty percent of proceeds will help Christian publishers and writers in the developing world attend LittWorld 2012 in Kenya, where Didier will be one of the trainers.
Available for a limited time only.
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Book Propelled across Borders in Europe   
By Katie Skero, MAI editorial intern

Amidst the hype about the popular novel, The Shack, Kerstin Hack, head of Germany’s Down to Earth Publishing House, holed up for one week and penned a companion book. She searched for answers to the tough questions pressing on her heart: Why did God not answer some of my biggest prayers, but did answer the minor ones? Why does He seem to give a promise that does not come true in real life? Why do dear people die sudden and unexpected deaths?

It's Not Too Late!
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You can still submit your article(s) in the LittWorld 2012 writing contest, "Blogging for Global Impact."

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MAI’s unique international publishing conference, LittWorld 2012, will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, October 28 to November 2, 2012. 

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