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How can I write when my country is burning?

- 01/16/14   How can I write when my country is burning?

Europe: Wordsmiths Sharpen Tools in Romania

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The arched chambers of 17th century Haller Castle in Ogra, Romania, housed 15 participants for the first Transylvanian writer and editor workshop, November 28 to December 1. Men and women from Romania, Hungary, Austria and the UK were led by trainers Stephen and Alice Lawhead, and Jeremy Taylor of Tyndale Publishers, all hosted by Balázs Zágoni of Koinonia Publishers.
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Photo by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee, Freedigitalphotos

LittWorld 2015 in Singapore!

Start planning now to attend LittWorld 2015, November 2-6, in Singapore! LittWorld is the largest Christian publisher training for professionals worldwide, held every 3 years by MAI. MORE

Pray: Training in 2014

January 21 to 24: Mexico, publisher consulting with Ediciones Las Americas and MILAMEX

February 18: Free Worldwide Webinar, "Leadership in Publishing"

February 24 to 28: Fiji writer training

April: Russia and Belarus writer and editor workshops

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Middle East: Risks and Rewards

"How can I write when my country is burning?" a Syrian asked at our writer workshop in Beirut. Before speaking, he turned the lights on and off twice—reminding us what it’s like in a war-torn country with power blackouts.

Still, he felt strongly enough about writing to risk the drive from Damascus for needed training.  “I know exactly what he’s talking about,” a Lebanese writer told me.  “We lived through 15 years of civil war.”   

For their part, men and women from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco described miracles of God’s power in their countries opposed to open Christian witness.  

It seemed like everyone at this workshop had a remarkable story to tell—all the more reason to equip Arab Christian writers in this post-Arab Spring.  

A dozen writers from seven countries participated in the December training, the third such workshop in the “Christian Arab Writers’ Initiative” organized by MAI and Ophir Publishers of Jordan.  

During the workshop, each writer developed a book idea and outline and began writing.  The writers were mentored by experienced editors from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.  The goal:  finish publishable work that will one day nurture the church and impact society across the Middle East.

Lebanese writer Samy Maaroof reminded the group that getting published is indeed possible. He brought copies of his just-released novel—the fruit of the three-year training made possible through your prayers and support of MAI.    

Christian writing in the Middle East poses unique risks, but also great rewards for the advance of the Gospel. Pray the writers will persevere, and that their finished work will touch readers’ lives.
John Maust
MAI President