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Words for the World

Local Authors Tip the Scale in Indonesia

- 10/03/13  

Indonesia: Local Authors Tip the Scale

A peek inside the windows of Indonesia’s largest bookstores reveals attractive displays of new releases, many by national authors. At least one of the nation’s top Christian publishers is part of this trend. Investing in local authors became the priority at Visi Press in 2010 after Production Manager James Wijono attended an MAI workshop. 
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MAI-Africa Equips Writers for New Magazine

"You are called to write and change lives," Joanna Ilboudo exhorted 46 writers in Burkina Faso at the launch of a five-day journalism workshop in July.  She and fellow trainer Jules Ouoba of Cote d’Ivoire are trustees of the newly-formed MAI-Africa, launched to give vision and feet to the creation of locally-authored and published books for African people.

The workshop, one of the first of its kind in Burkina, equipped Christian writers to contribute to Flamme ("Flame" in English) Magazine. Joanna is the director of this new quarterly publication of the Assemblies of God, the country’s largest evangelical denomination.

Seven workshop participants were awarded prizes for their winning articles in the workshop writing contest. Ouoba encouraged the participants to form a writer club for ongoing mutual support and training.

What's Ahead in 2013

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Lebanon:  Christian Arab Writers' Initiative

Whispers of Life in the Arab World

The Saudi woman customarily wore not only the long black cloak, or abaya, but covered her face, eyes and hands as well. .  She later despaired of her ultra-conservative religion, however, and came across an Arabic translation of Francine Rivers’s Redeeming Love, based on the Hosea story of Scripture.
“If there is a God, He must be like the one described in that book,” she told a friend.  The book started her on a faith journey that led to a personal relationship with Christ.
Strong conflicting winds are blowing in the post-Arab Spring Middle East—gusts of death in places like Syria and Egypt, and whispers of life in unlikely places like the heart of the Saudi woman.
So, we believe the timing is providential for MAI’s training program, the Christian Arab Writers Initiative (CAWI), in partnership with Ophir Publishers of Jordan.  We seek to equip Arab Christian authors who will winsomely address today’s issues from a Biblical perspective.  The next CAWI workshop is scheduled for December in Beirut. 
Jarred by the violence and uncertainty, many people in the region are seeking spiritual truth for the first time, and God is using the written word to draw men and women to Himself. 
Pray that Arab Christian writers will produce manuscripts that cause their readers to exclaim, “If there is a God, he must be like the one described in that book.”
John Maust
MAI President