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Make noise via social media

- 08/08/12  

Words for the World | MAI

Making Noise via Social Media 
Facebook has befriended many internet users in Indonesia, ranking the majority-Muslim country #4 in the world for highest number of users behind the USA, Brazil and India.
To help Christian publishers better promote their titles among readers there, publishing consultant Ramon Rocha III led a social media marketing workshop in Jakarta. Some 30 staff from 8 publishing houses attended the June 21 workshop to learn about blogging, Facebook, Twitter and more.
"We learned we need to be more active in making noise through social media," said a staff member of Bina Kasih publishing house, which hosted the workshop.  As a result, the publisher is updating its website and equipping staff to harness social media tools.
>>LittWorld 2012 features workshops on social media and new technologies, including "Marketing without Borders," by Larry Downs, publisher and vice-president of Grupo Nelson, the Spanish publishing division of Thomas Nelson.

Winners of the LittWorld 2012 Writing Contest

Congratulations to winners of the LittWorld 2012 writing contest, "Blogging for Global Impact"!

"We thank everyone who participated in our first blog-based LittWorld writing contest," MAI President John Maust said. "The contest gave us a glimpse of the Church and Christian thought in 18 countries—tangibly illustrating this year’s LittWorld conference theme, 'Publishing for Global Impact.'"

<<Read the judges’ comments

<<Read the winning entries:
First prize: "The Parable of the Tissues" by Carolyn Stonehocker, US

Honorable mention: "Bread for the Body, Bread for the Soul" by Elizabeth Anne Wickham

Tied runners up for honorable mention:
1) "Listening and Reading the Written Word Is All It Takes," by Margaret Siri Ngwa of Cameroon

2) "May I come in, please…" by Eva Kristiaman of Indonesia

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Wrinkle-free Fundraising

Do you dream of attending LittWorld 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya, but can't fathom how  to afford the airfare? Or, if you had spare cash, would you donate to help a talented writer or publisher who lives where an airfare ticket might cost more than his or her annual salary? Sometimes it just takes a little vision and creativity to raise money.

Tony Wales, MAI board member, put both his hands to work, literally, to raise funds for MAI. The international publishing consultant placed notices around his neighborhood in Oxford, England, for ironing services. The response was huge.
"I am still at my ironing board and am now well over £300 sterling and counting," Tony reports. He projects his "Kingdom ironing" will ultimately raise more than $700 USD by the time he stops in a few weeks to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary. Go, Tony!

>>Don't forget to reserve your space for LittWorld! Spaces are filling up.

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LittWorld 2012 - publishing for global impact

October 28-November 2, 2012
Nairobi, Kenya  
"I left the conference with two main ideas: the search for excellence in publishing work, and the motivation to keep our light shining in the world."
 -Pierre Nyamikou, editor, Cote d’Ivoire

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