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The Biggest Challenge: Extremism

- 02/11/15   The Biggest Challenge: Extremism

Pakistan: An Inside Look at Publishing

In countries where public evangelism isn’t possible, books and literature play a critical role in sharing Jesus’ love. The manager of a leading Christian publishing house in Pakistan, unnamed for security reasons, shared his challenges and opportunities with us. For many years MAI has provided training support there.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?
Extremism. We need to be very careful in what we say and how it is perceived...
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LittWorld logoMAI's global publishing conference

Come to LittWorld 2015, the only international Christian publishing conference of its kind, November 1 to 6 in Singapore. Network with colleagues in writing and publishing from 50 nations. Revel in global dialogue and thought-provoking discussions.

"At the last LittWorld, I met four people who reignited my writing passion, said Yayha Djuanda of Indonesia (left in photo).

Our new LittWorld logo depicts the "enrichment and growth through conversation and sharing" that transpires there, says logo designer Michael Collie of Australia, director of SparkLit.

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Pray for What's Ahead 

March 17
Webinar: "Writing for Youth" with Pastor Ronald Molmisa of the Philippines

April 7 to 11
MAI-Europe Publishing Forum, England, "Achieving Excellence through Times of Change"

November 1 to 6
LittWorld 2015, Singapore, "Reaching Your Reader"

Giving Readers Hope in Congo 

"Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..."

In wartorn eastern Congo, Etienne Mbusa dreamed of launching a Christian magazine.  He shared his vision at the LittWorld 2009 conference in Kenya. "Our new magazine will focus on how to live, forgive, forget the past and start a new life in a Christian way," he said.

We encouraged him and helped raise a bit of funding for the first issue. The Anglican minister took steps forward—without staff,  without prior publishing experience, surrounded by violence…against all hope.  

Five years passed with little or no word from Pastor Mbusa. Given the context, was he even alive?
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 Photo above and bottom left by Eric Gitonga