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Truth is costly

- 01/31/12   Truth is costly

Words for the World | MAI

January/February 2012
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Last year, government after government toppled in the Middle East and Africa. But behind the "Arab Spring," God has been breathing life. In this issue, you'll meet Christian writers whose words will nourish seeds of hope throughout the Arab world.  
And, we are pleased to announce you can now register for LittWorld 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya!
-Dawn Herzog Jewell, Editor

Middle East: Truth Is Costly  
From Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon they walk in, sit down, and plug in laptops or lay out pens and paper. These 17 writers are each working on a book in Arabic in the Christian Arab Writers’ Initiative, a joint effort of MAI and Ophir Publishers of Jordan.

Topics include women’s oppression in the Christian home. Covenant theology for everyday Christians. Fiction stories. And a handbook on how the Church can use new media.

Rashid is writing a novel. One evening he stood before us and read about a young woman who was kidnapped and raped repeatedly for two months. Her parents sold everything, even their home, to pay her ransom. Yet when she finally escaped, people shunned her. Even her family felt awkward around her.

>>Read the full article by Miriam Adeney 

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Barine Kirimi (pictured above), chair of the Africa organizing team, welcomes Christian publishing colleagues worldwide:
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For Such a Time as This
"If I can resolve some problems this week, I’ll be happy," Lebanese writer Samy said. "I need to know whether my writing is boring." He is penning a novel.

This former engineer turned pastor, theologian and painter, has been writing poetry and stories for years. Last year he published a book. Ophir Publishers is interested in his developing novel,
so it’s not boring.

Samy honed skills along with the 16 other Arab writers at MAI’s
workshop in Lebanon (see article on Middle East). Each writer aims to captivate readers with words of hope and truth. Recent upheavals in the Middle East have created openness to new ideas. The "Arab Spring" may be preparing fertile soil for the seeds
that Christian books can plant.

Another writer, Awsam of Egypt, told me, "I’m thinking a lot about the phrase 'for such a time as this.' This is a critical time for people of God."
We are privileged to play a part in God’s work in the Middle East.
PRAY with us that these 17 writers complete manuscripts that speak to Arab readers’ hearts and minds. 

J O H N  M A U S T

New Writing Talent in the Middle East
>>Meet Ruba in this one-minute video

"I discovered I have great potential to write." -Ruba Abbassi, director of Arab Woman Today Ministries


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