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Interview with a Mongolian Renaissance Man

- 12/08/11  

Words for the World | MAI

November/December 2011
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Hi, Friend! 

In the last 3 months, we've met new friends and old from 22 countries on 3 continents. To quote author C.S. Lewis, we're convinced that "Aslan is on the move."
In other words, the God of the universe is breathing life into books and articles that are equipping the Church and drawing readers to Christ in Congo, Mongolia, and the utmost regions of the earth. 
Wishing you a blessed Christmas!
-Dawn Herzog Jewell, Editor

Out of Congo 
Publishing or selling books in Africa is tough. Importing books from the West is expensive. Local distribution is hampered by woeful infrastructure, not to mention intermittent warfare. Booksellers face iniquitous and erratic taxes, flip-flopping currency rates, corruption and long delays. But to nurture growing churches in Africa, we need to help encourage indigenous writing and bookselling.
In Brazzaville, Congo, daily power and water outages slow daily life in a capitol still bearing the toll of a short but nasty civil war in 1997. MAI invited me here (left in photo) to conduct workshops for Christian writers and bookstore managers, organized by the largest Christian publisher in French-speaking Africa, Centre de Publications Évangéliques (CPE) based in Cote d’Ivoire.
>>Read the full article by Tony Collins

Lazarus of Congo

After leading an MAI training in Brazzaville, Congo, Tony Collins of Lion Hudson plc visited the offices of a monthly Christian newspaper called Le Chemin ("The Way"). Despite civil war, it has persevered in publication for 20 years. How? As Tony told, the editor pointed to an old computer and said, "That’s Lazarus." 

When the militia swept through in 1997, they pillaged as they went. His colleague wrapped Lazarus in a plastic sheet and buried it in his garden before he fled. Six months later, he dug it up when it was safe to return. Restored to health, Lazarus enabled the staff to restart publication quickly. 

Photo by jannoon028/FreeDigitalPhotos

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Interview with a Mongolian Renaissance Man
When Pastor Dugermaa Vanluu is not penning his upcoming sermon, he may be jotting a poem or typing a chapter of his latest book manuscript. A break from wordsmithing may find him practicing a worship tune on his morin khuur, a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument.

When Dugermaa leaves his apartment in downtown Ulaanbaatar, passersby often stop him. "Who is greater, Chinggis (Genghis) Khan or Jesus?" asks an elderly man. The pastor, author, musician and agricultural expert doesn’t hesitate to witness.

Photo courtesy of Michael Collie, SPCK Australia

Asian Publishers Discover Community without Borders
"I expected that the Forum would fill my head with new-to-me ideas about how to best produce and market Christian books and materials," said Greg from NavLit in the Philippines. "So I was delightfully surprised that the Forum ministered, not only to my head, but also to my heart." 
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Photo courtesy of Michael Collie, SPCK Australia 



LittWorld 2012 - publishing for global impact

LittWorld 2012
October 28-November 2, 2012
Nairobi, Kenya  
Every three years, MAI convenes LittWorld, the only international conference of its kind, providing intensive training on strategic, publishing-related topics. The conference gathers more than 150 publishers, editors and writers from 30-plus countries.
Barine Kirimi, chair of the Africa organizing team, welcomes Christian publishing colleagues worldwide. "Jambo! You will find empowerment and encouragement as you fellowship with a global community, united with one purpose. You can't afford to miss Littworld 2012 in Kenya. Mark the date now. Karibu!"
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