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Forgive Them Because They Know Not...

- 08/11/11  

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July/August 2011
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Mexico is the world's most populous Spanish-speaking country with more than 112 million estimated people, yet Christian publishing is far from strong there.
Missionary journalist Elisabeth "Liz" Isáis has been tirelessly nurturing and publishing local writers for the last four decades. Here we take you to Mexico City for her annual writer training and introduce her latest book, Forgive Them Because They Know Not. MAI is privileged to support Liz in strengthening local Christian publishing. 
-Dawn Herzog Jewell, Editor

Raising up Writers in Mexico 
by John Maust,  MAI president
At a writer workshop in Mexico City last month, we had a clown. I mean a professional clown who works in the circus.

Alicia wrote a moving account of her testimony, and I was reminded you don’t need a seminary or journalism degree to impact readers’ lives. The key is having something worth writing about and telling it well.

Besides Alicia, the group of 20 hosted by Elisabeth Isáis of Milamex, included several pastors, a women’s ministry leader, several school teachers (including one who is blind), a couple of business people, students, and a woman who had three blogs. None had a journalism degree, to my knowledge, but all had unique life experiences and were eager to build their writing skills.
An editor in another country once told me her publishing house would continue to publish mainly translations from the West. “We don’t have Christians who are mature enough to write,” she explained.
By that, I think she meant her writers must be theologians or hold advanced degrees. We do need qualified people to write things like reference works and Bible commentaries. However, if Scripture set the bar this high, we’d have a thin Bible. Say good-bye to the books written by fishermen, shepherds, tree-tenders and tax collectors.
God gives writing talent to men and woman from many backgrounds, and it takes hard work and commitment to develop those talents. In Mexico City, Liz Isáis has been nurturing new writers in her annual writer workshops for decades.

"I feel very motivated to continue writing," emailed Ana Olivares, a pastor’s wife, after the workshop. "At the same time, I'm frightened by the responsibility and hard work that will be required to dedicate more time to writing, keeping my focus clearly on the Message the world needs."
Ana recognized she wasn’t alone in needing encouragement. So, she recently started The Inkwell, a Spanish blog for fellow Christian writers.
Please join MAI in praying for Ana and other aspiring writers around the globe.

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  Forgive Them Because They Know Not...
Elisabeth "Liz" Isáis explores religious persecution in Mexico over five centuries, highlighting the persecution of evangelicals in Perdónalos porque no saben...La historia de la persecución religiosa en México (Forgive them because they know not…The history of religious persecution in Mexico, Milamex 2010). 
She begins with a gripping narration of a notorious incident of 160 evangelicals gathered on a mountain overlooking Mexico City. As they prayed for the city, they were violently attacked by a mob with sticks and machetes. Then the mob attempted to run them over with vehicles as they tried to escape on foot down the mountain. One of t, he leaders of the prayer group was her husband, Juan, who was badly beaten.
Liz chronicled cases of religious persecution of evangelicals over four-plus decades in her Noticiero Milamex newsletter. Many of these incidents  occurred in remote rural areas and have been ignored or misrepresented by the general news media. 
This thoughtful and revealing book challenges readers to consider both the call for justice and forgiveness in the face of persecution.

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