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Dynamic Duos

- 07/08/10  

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July-September 2010
In This Issue:
< Dynamic Duos: Writers and editors can be friends
< Technology Resource: Dropbox
< Awakening Writers in Uganda
< Free Journal on Global Christianity
< Malaysia: Heroes of the faith
< Save the Date: October 21
< Blog to the World

Hi, Friend!

Healthy writer-editor relationships are hard to come by. The article below describes the role of a good editor, worth his or her weight in gold. In this issue, we also offer multiple online resources and opportunities, hoping to help you continue reaching the world.  
-Dawn Herzog Jewell, editor

Dynamic Duos:
Writers and editors can be friends

The world abounds with well-intentioned publications that today languish in forgotten warehouses. To succeed in publishing, writers must seek input, listen to advice and most importantly work with a skilled editor. The editor’s role is critical for reaching the public.
The editor helps:
• Clarify the goal
Too often publishers and editors receive complete manuscripts from writers with good intentions, but who neglected to consider what they wanted to achieve or how to do that. We are all called to be good stewards of the resources God gives us. To dedicate time and funds to produce a publication that lacks a clear task would not be wise.
• Grasp the broader picture
The proposed article or book may be excellent, but an existing publication might cover exactly the same ground. The writer should research what other materials are already available. The editor can help evaluate if the proposal is distinctive. The personal credentials of the writer, the context in which it is written and the quality of the submission are all factors.
• Find the right channel
An editor understands the publishing world, which publications reach a determined public and how to make the connections. What may appear to be a good book proposal, may be better as an article, or vice-versa. Given the changes in print media, a web-based publication could be more effective.
Some Christian writers overlook the option of submitting their work to general publishers. An editor may suggest that a writer seek a secular publisher, who will likely be looking for quality writing above any religious content.
• Dig with words
In his poem Digging, Seamus Heaney compares the work of father and grandfather alike, who turned the ground with a spade. By comparison, Heaney writes of himself:
Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it.
A writer needs an editor who will challenge him to make words work, turn the ground and dig for deeper meaning. An editor can help a writer clear away the fog by eliminating redundant adverbs and adjectives or employing more active verbs. The editor considers the whole work and offers ideas on superfluous sections; of others that stand in want; or that the whole needs revising.
• Create a healthy partnership
Editors need writers who will address the signs of the times and who will communicate to their community.
Most great figures of literature worked with editors who were also friends, good critics and advisors. As Christians, we offer our pens (and mice) to the Lord with great humility, knowing that what we produce is fallible. As believers, we are members of the Body of Christ and co-dependent. Writers and editors collaborate for the glory of God and for the extension of His Kingdom.
Download a free pdf of Servanthood and the Christian Editor. Or order a print copy.
by Ian Darke, MAI Latin America regional trainer 


Technology Resource: Dropbox

Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files. The basic version is completely free and cross-platform—available for both PC and Mac users. Applications for mobile devices like the iPod are also available.

Once you download the program, you will have a designated folder on your computer hard drive, and space in a web cloud which you can access on a web page.
You simply drag a file to the Dropbox folder, which is automatically synced to the cloud (as long as there is an internet connection). While Dropbox functions as a storage service, its strength is in synchronization and sharing. Edit files on your home computer and the changes are seamlessly registered in the cloud version, and vice-versa. You can grant others permission to access files and enable them to edit.
Dropbox enables writers to store their working files in a secure environment, with an automatic back-up and access from any other online computer. Editors or those working on collaborative writing projects may find Dropbox limiting as it does not enable simultaneous editing or automatically distinguish who revises a file. But using the track changes feature in Word can enable others to see revisions. 

By Ian Darke, MAI Latin America Regional Trainer


Awakening Writers in Uganda
Writer Janice Lukyamuzi, whose name means ‘God’s gift of grace,' penned a poem at the start of MAI’s Christian writing retreat in Uganda, June 15-17. Inspired by trainer Lawrence’s Darmani’s teaching on “the call the write,” Janice read her poem aloud to 13 fellow participants.
Here’s an excerpt:

Indeed the vision is very clear,
Like the morning sun into my eyes
It’s a wake up call
Come out of your slumber
You say-
My Light is upon you
So you can see clearly
Photo above courtesy Dylan Walters, Wikipedia. This photo is unrelated to MAI.

Free Journal on Global Christianity  
Subscribe free to the online edition of International Bulletin of Missionary Research. IBMR offers in-depth analyses of worldwide Christianity and mission-focused book reviews. Register to gain free access to quarterly issues of the e-journal in either html or pdf formats.


Heroes of the Faith
MAI is facilitating a writing workshop in Malaysia with Wawasan Penabur (Sower’s Vision) August 16-20. Writers will learn to write and draw upon the courage of biblical heroes, "whose examples prove worthy of the attention of Malaysian churches," says workshop host and author Hwee Yong Tan.
Each participant will develop a manuscript on a specific biblical "hero." The ultimate goal is to publish a series of booklets or articles for youth.
Please pray:
1. That this workshop helps dispel the notion that writing is a craft beyond the average Christian’s ability.
2. That writers produce publishable work that ultimately helps build up the Church in Malaysia.
3. For protection of both participants and workshop leaders.

Map source: Wikipedia.


  Save the Date!
You are invited to celebrate 25 years of MAI. Join us for an international dessert with guest speaker, author Jerry Jenkins.
Thursday, October 21, 2010 
7 to 9 p.m.
College Church
Wheaton, Illinois, USA

Blog to the World
You're invite to share your words with the world on a blog.

1. Lausanne 2010: Dialogue with bloggers around the world about key issues of global Christianity. A select group of  bloggers committed to global evangelism comprises the network for Lausanne Capetown 2010. More.

2. Global youth: New writers or current bloggers can reach global youth, ages 13-25, with writing containing Christian themes at Submit short stories, essays, poems and reviews. For writer guidelines, email

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