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Indonesia: Tale of a Children's Author

- 09/23/14   Indonesia: Tale of a Children's Author

Indonesia: Tale of a Children's Author

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“The stories never ended,” says Sylvia Tanuadji of her father’s reading to her at bedtime. Every night he nodded off to sleep before finishing Cinderella, Snow White, Indonesian folktales, and more. So, Sylvia read them herself. "My family made me love books," she says.

Sylvia’s nights still are steeped with tales at age 54, but now they’re her own. Since her first book in 2009, she has authored 11 children’s books and a teen novel. Sylvia finally sits down to write after working six days a week in admin for a wedding decorating company in Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital.

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Pakistan: Children's story available in English

Have you wondered how to help children pray for persecuted Christians? Want to understand what it’s like to live as a minority Christian?

We are pleased to offer an English translation of a selection from a book of short stories by a publisher in Pakistan. A Friend in Need by A. Iqbal is a short story about a boy’s battle with bullying. Email for a pdf copy.

Pray for What's Ahead 

Join us in praying for the creation of valuable books and written materials in these upcoming trainings:

September 23 to 27
South Sudan writer workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

October 7
Webinar: Publishing Program Planning- The whys, hows and whos of what books to publish

October 27 to 31
Bangladesh: publisher consulting and training

October 28 to 30
Russia: editor and writer workshop

November 18
Webinar: Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

December 16
Webinar: Designing the Attractive Book Cover

April 2015
MAI-Europe Publishing Forum
, England
"Reaching Your Reader:"  LittWorld 2015 Theme

"We as Christian publishers and writers have a message worth sharing—even, the most important message," says MAI President John Maust.  "So, if we truly love our readers, how can we be more proactive and effective in connecting with them and giving them our very best?" 

"Reaching Your Reader" is the theme of LittWorld 2015, November 1 to 6, in Singapore. LittWorld is the largest conference for Christian publishing professionals worldwide, held every three years by MAI. MORE

Reaching Readers Comes with Risks

"Please cancel the Bangladesh training," our host emailed. "Things today are worse than yesterday, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. More than 20 were killed so far today."

I felt sad when political violence forced cancellation of last year’s training for Christian publishers in Bangladesh, a Muslim majority nation of 160 million. However, I’m glad to say that same workshop has been rescheduled for October with 15 to 20 participants. We pray nothing will impede it.

Last year’s snafu in Bangladesh highlights the challenge of MAI ministry today and our need to be flexible.
In another example, we’d scheduled an important Christian publishing and writer workshop in South Sudan. However, because of continued fighting there, our local organizers recently decided to move the workshop to Kenya. Eight writers will continue working on book manuscripts in late September in Nairobi.

MAI intentionally goes to “hard countries”—places beset by poverty, instability, political turmoil, and religious oppression.  These are some of the most unpredictable places in the world. So at times our best-laid plans for training must change at a moment’s notice.   
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