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Crafting Words from Kenya - 09/12/13
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Kenyans Create Devotions for the World
By Meaghan Zang, former MAI intern

"Mary was sick and her condition seemed hopeless," wrote Joseph Alum of Kenya in a recent devotional published in The Upper Room. The woman was wracked by tuberculosis, seemingly beyond recovery, but God answered prayer for her healing.

Joseph’s moving story -- reaching readers in 100 countries and 45 language editions -- would have remained untold without the training he received at a Nairobi writer workshop organized by Philip Polo of Africa Upper Room Ministries...

Conflict Sensitive Reporting Essential in Today's World

Journalist Mary Kiio has trained fellow reporters in conflict sensitivity for the last five years in Kenya. She currently works with BBC Media Action training journalists around the country. We interviewed her to learn more about her work.

Why is there need for conflict sensitive reporting? The way journalists report during a time of conflict may either exacerbate or quell a situation. Language contributed to the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007/8.

When journalists reported “My people are being attacked” or “Our people are being attacked” in vernacular language, it gave the impression that they were siding with their own communities. This reporting may have led more people to fear that their whole community was under attack and react negatively. In reality, the attacks may have only involved a few people.

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