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Feeding the Chinese Church, A Bittersweet Battle - 05/22/13
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Feeding the Chinese Church
"Nourishing China’s swelling Church with quality books is akin to the Chinese proverb, “You must eat the bitterest of bitter in order to taste the sweetest of sweet."

Paul Peng, founder and CEO of Enoch Communications, faces formidable challenges publishing from the bustling city of Chengdu. Each of the 35 to 40 titles that Peng hopes to hand readers this year must be government-approved, a process ranging from 1 month to 7 years. Then, Enoch must purchase an ISBN number from a government-registered publishing house. Currently, 15-plus titles are awaiting numbers from 6 publishing houses.

The question behind each title is not about profit or meeting reader needs, it’s one of survival. Peng told our trainer, "We ask, 'Is this title worth our passion, our time, our sacrifice? Is this title worth putting our very existence at stake?'"

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Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Ruth* is a public health worker in a closed country of SE Asia, one of the world’s most repressive countries to Christianity. She first heard the Gospel in 1998 while on scholarship as a medical doctor in the former Soviet Union. Korean believers witnessed to her in the Moscow airport, and she converted while reading the Russian Bible they gave her.

Ruth flew home in 1991, and has endured many challenges since as the only believer in her family living behind the "bamboo curtain." But she has also experienced miracles of God’s help and intervention, and wants to write about them.

MAI has awarded Ruth a modest scholarship for her book project. "We have no stories of this kind written in our language," she said. "Most of the few available publications are Bible stories or translations."

*pseudonym used for security reasons

What's Ahead?

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Turkey- Writer workshop
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Ukraine- Publishing internship

Closed Country of SE Asia- Writer workshop

Kenya- MAI-Africa training trainers workshop

Lebanon- Christian Arab Writers Initiative workshop

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A Woman of Vision

"A lot of people have vision when they have money,” Joanna Ilboudo once told me. “When they don’t have money, they don’t have vision.”

I met her 20 years ago at our LittWorld conference. The high-school French teacher from West Africa had just launched Contact magazine. She and her husband, Florent, spent their life savings to launch it.
Beneath Joanna’s quiet exterior burned a passion for publishing and serving her nation. We helped encourage and equip her, and witnessed Joanna successfully persevere in publishing her magazine amid the heat and dust of Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest nations.

Photo of Joanna by Eric Gitonga

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