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World's newest nation needs writers - 03/11/13


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Vision for Mexico
“I had been asking God what else I needed to do to turn the publishing house around,” said Ruth Mozo, general director of Ediciones Las Américas (ELA), a firm located among the cobblestone streets and colorful shops of Puebla, Mexico. 
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Help end the famine of global Christian literature. Use this simple prayer guide for 2013 to join us in 31 days of prayer. Pray for our training ministry and the creation of life-giving books and articles in some of the world's most difficult places. 

What's Ahead?

Romania: publisher consulting

China: publisher consulting
South Sudan:
writer training

Uganda: writer workshop and publisher consulting
Chile: advanced writer workshop

Lebanon: Christian Arab Writers Initiative workshop 

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South Sudan: World's newest nation needs writers

"South Sudan is unlike any country you have visited in Africa," Bishop Joseph Garang Atem told me, citing the country's widespread poverty and human need. Twenty-one years of civil war devastated the economy and infrastructure in the world’s newest nation of 10.6 million people.
But Bishop Joseph (pictured below) is looking ahead. He invited MAI to help develop local Christian publishing to feed the hearts and minds of people.

This April 22 to 28 MAI holds a first writer training workshop in South Sudan.

Please partner with us. Together we can make a difference for Christ in the world's newest nation.

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>>Learn more about this exciting three-year initiative.

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