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MAI Lights Fire for Homegrown Publishing - 01/07/13
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MAI Lights Fire for Homegrown Publishing 
In many countries, less than five percent of Christian books available are penned by local authors. Hungry readers search in vain for material that speaks to their hearts, minds and daily needs. So, MAI equips men and women to create life-changing books and articles in their heart language. Hear from a few who gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, at our LittWorld 2012 global conference: 
"I have started writing a book entitled, The Crying Season, inspired by a red-chested cuckoo I heard calling one evening," said Tesfahun Hatia, a pastor and seminary director in Ethiopia. 
"The sound of its call remained in my heart…Joblessness, hopelessness, human made and natural disasters, and many other evils are overwhelming us. I want to call people to Jesus in this crying season! It is all about kindling hope."

Sarah* had lacked confidence to develop local authors as chief editor of a large Christian publishing house in China...
MAI-Africa Ready to Launch

Join us in celebrating the imminent creation of an MAI-Africa Trustees group.  This Africa board, the fruit of two LittWorlds held in Africa, will help spearhead publisher and writer training on the continent.

Trustees will include Chair Wambura Kimunyu of Kenya, Lekan Otufodunrin of Nigeria, Jules Ouoba of Cote d’Ivoire, Lawrence Darmani of Ghana, Barine Kirimi of Kenya, Nelson Clemens of Sierra Leone, and Joanna Ilboudo of Burkina Faso.

"Pray with us that one day we will hear multitudes from across the continent testify how their lives and societies have been transformed through the written word," Wambura Kimunyu said.

>>Watch the video "Come Let Us Dream about Africa." Wambura Kimunyu presents MAI-Africa at LittWorld 2012.

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LittWorld 2012 Sparks Plans
for New Books and Articles

On the final night of LittWorld 2012, Lawrence Darmani of Ghana passed out candles and formed all 194 participants into a circle. 
The group joined hands to sing, "Bind us Together, Lord." Then we lit one another’s candles until 194 tiny flames lit up the darkened room.   
"Remember this moment," Lawrence said, exhorting us to return to our 50 respective nations and shine our lights for the Gospel through Christian publishing.

LittWorld 2012 in Kenya has ended, but flames of enthusiasm and commitment are still blazing. Nearly every day since then, I've received emails describing  projects and ideas sparked by LittWorld—write a new book or article, develop a marketing plan, experiment with e-books, start a publishing ministry, and the list goes on.   

"With the fire of LittWorld, I have penciled ideas for three book projects, and I have already begun work on one," said Akashi Nashon of Nigeria.
Just as your support contributed to the success of LittWorld 2012—the biggest and best yet (thank you!)—so your continued partnership will make possible the training and encouragement for Christian publishing staff in the world’s hard places. 

Please shine your light by helping to provide pioneering training for writers and publishers in South Sudan, Mexico, Uganda, Bangladesh, Ghana and several closed countries during 2013. 
Thank you for standing with us as we shine the Light of the world, Jesus, through publishing around the globe.

J O H N  M A U S T
P R E S I D E N T 


What's Ahead?

Mexico: publisher consultancy
Lebanon: Christian Arab Writers Initiative workshop
Bangladesh: marketing training for publishers
South Sudan: writer training

Uganda: writer workshop and publisher consulting
Chile: advanced writer workshop


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