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Indonesia: Tale of a Children's Author

“The stories never ended,” says Sylvia Tanuadji of her father’s reading to her at bedtime...

LittWorld 2015 Theme: "Reaching your reader"

What good is publishing without a reader?

New Publishing Line Targets Women in Bulgaria

When Gabi's first book launches, it will debut Leah Library, a new publishing line by and for women of Bulgaria.

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India: The Answer Was Blowing in the Wind

Thomas wondered how to end his miserable life...

"Please cancel the Bangladesh training," our host emailed. "Things today are worse than yesterday, and we don’t know what will happen ...

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Indonesia: Tale of a Children's Author

Reaching Your Reader
: LittWorld 2015 Theme

Partner Profiles: Meet Dorothy Rasmussen

Free Webinar: "How to Nurture Local Writers" 

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