The Foolishness of God

Ferenc Visky

This book by Ferenc Visky is a collection of thoughts from his year in prison. This is Koinónia's first publishing foray in English.

Publisher: KOINÓNIA könyvkiadó/publishing
Zágoni Balázs - Romania
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-973-165-029-6
Format: 17 x11 cm, paperback
Pages: 120
Number of Characters: 83878
Number of Words: 15000
Number of Edition: 1
Printrun: 600
Original Language: Hungarian
Translated Into: English
Denomination: Protestant

Ferenc Visky (July 1, 1918 - October 5, 2005) was a minister in the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania. As university student, he came into contact with the Reformed renewal movement associated with the CE (Christian Endeavor) Bethany Association.

At the end of the Second World War, he married Júlia Sollich from Budapest and together they decided to move back to Transylvania.

In 1958, he was arrested together with 18 associates. His wife and their seven children were deported to the Bǎrǎgan. In 1964 the entire family was unexpectedly released.