Disappointed by God

A journey back to trust

Kerstin Hack

Disappointed by God deals honestly with questions about how one can trust a God who acts in ways that leave us puzzled and confused and do not seem to fit our expectations. It also deals with the question of unfulfilled prophecies and unanswered prayers.

The author spent a special week with God looking for answers to these deep and painful questions. In diary style she honestly describes her experiences and insights, and challenges the reader to encounter God in a new way.

Publisher: Down to Earth Publish. ; Gerth Media(Random house)
Kerstin Hack - Germany
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-935992-79-4
Format: 20,5 x 13,5 cm, paperback
Pages: 160
Number of Characters: 234000
Number of Words: 36700
Number of Edition: 1
Printrun: 3500
Original Language: German
Translated Into: Hungarian

- Book is targeted at people who are struggling with disappointment with God or helping those who do – according to statistics this is the vast majority of Christians;

- The Book was inspired by “The Shack” and could appeal to reader of the original book who long to have a similar encounter with God as the main character in “The Shack”;

Two-week-devotional booklet on the subject “reconnecting with God” also available;
- Book includes some very interesting and easy to read descriptions of European church and art history

Kerstin Hack is an author, publisher and professional life coach. She lives and thrives in Berlin, Germany. She is a well-known contributor to a large number of German Christian and secular magazines and has appeared on television programmes. She is also a sought after speaker for conferences and seminars, both in Germany and abroad.

Her publications include four books, a dozen quadros (inspirational books to be read over a month) and a “micro-book series” with total sales exceeding 150,000 copies since 2006.