The Fatherís Love

Experience the Love of God

Manfred and Esther Lanz

Do you long to feel the love of God? Not only to theoretically know God loves you but to really believe it? Experience God's fatherly love yourself in a deep way. With this Quadro you can learn how to open up for God's love in a deeper way and to really experience it. Ideal for everyone who wants to experience God's fatherly love (new).
Publisher: Down to Earth
Kerstin Hack - GERMANY
Published: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-86270-518-4
Format: paperback
Pages: 40
Printrun: 0
Original Language: German

ISBN eBook 978-3-86270-516-0

eBook PDF: -517-7

Smartphone App: 978-3-86270-044-8
Esther and Manfred Lanz have been married for 31 years. They adopted three children from abroad and live near Ravensburg. Esther loves music, art and nature. She plays the piano and the viola, gives piano lessons and paints. Manfred is a teacher and a pastor. He led the Church Planting Organization for many years and was a presidium member of the Alliance of Pentecostal Free Churches. The emphases of his current function are, among others, seminars on the father-heart of God and the encouragement of leaders. He is the author of the book "Living in the love of the Father" (SCM Brockhaus). They love going hiking, dancing and bike riding together and they enjoy reading to each other.