Our Father

Inspiration to simply pray

Kerstin Hack

Our Father in heaven… The words of this well-known prayer are familiar to many people, but what exactly do they mean? This Micro-book provides inspiration for a new and deeper understanding of the Lord's Prayer. For everyone who wants to communicate with God, it encourages you to start a conversation with Him - with the words of the Lord's Prayer or your own prayers.
Publisher: Down to Earth
Kerstin Hack - GERMANY
ISBN: 978-3-935992-78-7
Format: paperback
Pages: 32
Printrun: 0
Original Language: German

ISBN Print-on-demand 978-3-86270-440-8

ISBN eBook 978-3-86270-074-5

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Kerstin Hack is an author, publisher and professional life coach. She lives and thrives in Berlin, Germany. She is a well known contributor to a large number of German Christian and secular magazines and has appeared on television programmes. She is also a sought after speaker for conferences and seminars, both in Germany and abroad; some of her favorite engagements were in the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. Her publications include four books, a dozen quadros (inspriational books to be read over a month) and the “micro-book series” with total sales exceeding 150,000 copies since 2006.