Vollmilchschokolade und Todesrosen


Franziska Dalinger

Miriam loves chocolate, attends the tenth grade in school and the christian youth group „Life and Hope“ – mostly because she feels she should do so, as her father is the pastor of her church. She loves roses and writes secret poems. But mostly she loves the fact that she is not “unseen” any more since she is part of Mandy’s gang. Here she is Messie, the quick-witted actress with cool ideas. But not everything this gang is doing seems to fit to what Messie thought to be right until now. In meeting nice Daniel she starts to realize that more and more. Then things happen that turn her whole world upside-down. And what had begun as a joke becomes a fatal danger. Thrilling fiction with lots of emotion. And the search for right life.
Publisher: Neufeld Verlag
David Neufeld - GERMANY
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-3-86256-007-3
Pages: 221
Number of Edition: 2
Printrun: 0
Original Language: German
The Jury of the „Evangelischer Buchpreis 2012“ (Evangelical book price) just recommended this book.
Soft cover
Franziska Dalinger is a prolific writer, producing fiction and fantasy as well as children’s books. She is writing for the religious market as well as for the general market. We regard her as one of the best christian authors of fiction in the German language.