Die Stimme des Königs

Eine dramatische Reise nach Hause

Brad Huebert

When we struggle to get closer to God and experience his fullness, the typical prescription is a truckload of spiritual activity that leaves us discouraged and empty. Author Brad Huebert has been down that bitter, dead-end path and back again. In Finding Home, Huebert dissolves the veil between faith and sight to help you embrace the power and majesty of God's kingdom. Huebert casts his story in the epic adventures of Ivan, a lukewarm believer who finds himself in the heavenly realm of Basileia-the Kingdom of God. Ivan must choose between two paths-Old City or New City? One leads to exhaustion and despair; the other leads to the heart of the King. Which will he choose? Through Ivan's journey, experience how to leave the Old City behind and live out the blessings of the kingdom through childlike acceptance of the truth. Like Christ's parables, Huebert's tale simply illustrates how the Kingdom of God is already within and among us. Finding Home is a story you'll want to pick up over and over; it is replete with unforgettably delectable images to savor with each read. It invites you to rethink your old assumptions about faith and kingdom life. Which path will you choose?
Publisher: Neufeld Verlag
Neufeld Verlag - GERMANY
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-937896-91-5
Pages: 144
Printrun: 3
Original Language: English
Translated Into: German
Book available in English - Finding Home, A Parable of Kingdom Life.
Hard cover