His Love is Gripping

Ferenc Visky

A collection of reminiscences of Ferenc Visky, a Reformed minister who spent seven years in the Gherla prison after the 1956 Hungarian revolution after that he got realised and served as a minister virtually up until his death.
Publisher: KOINÓNIA könyvkiadó/publishing
Zágoni Balázs - Romania
Published: 2004
ISBN: 973-8022-89-4
Format: 130x200 mm
Pages: 244
Number of Edition: 1
Printrun: 0
Original Language: Hungarian
Translated Into: English
Denomination: Protestant
Hard cover, bound
Ferenc Visky (July 1, 1918 - October 5, 2005) was a minister in the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania and a leader of evangelical revival in Romania who spent several years in prison under the Communist rule of that country.