God Laughed

Gábor Shein

We can read the story of Abraham written for children, coupled with Dutch graphic artist Kees de Kort’s classical illustrations.
Publisher: KOINÓNIA könyvkiadó/publishing
Zágoni Balázs - Romania
Published: 2005
ISBN: 973-7605-12-8
Format: 195x195 mm
Pages: 36
Number of Edition: 1
Printrun: 3000
Original Language: Hungarian
Translated Into: English
Denomination: Protestant
Hard cover, case bound
He was born in 1969 in Budapest. In 1988–1993 studies at Kossuth Lajos University, Szeged, then from 1990 at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest; graduates in Hungarian and German Philology. He is a writer, translator, essayst, editor. Gábor Schein is one of the most original figures of his generation; he is always open to experimentation. In 2010 he won the prize of The Children Book of the Year.