Three Crosses

Visky Júlia

Júlia Visky writes with uninhibited freedom about her frailties and temptations, yet, first and foremost, about the love of God she knew was beside her in the greatest tribulations, too.
Publisher: KOINÓNIA könyvkiadó/publishing
Zágoni Balázs - Romania
Published: 2007
ISBN: 978-973-7605-57-3
Format: 100x177 mm
Pages: 272
Number of Edition: 1
Printrun: 2000
Original Language: Hungarian
Translated Into: English
Denomination: Protestant
Paperback knitted
Júlia Visky was born in Budapest in 1922. Because of her evangelical commitment, her parents disowned her. After World War II, along with her husband, she settled in Transylvania. Their mission brought about an awakening no Communist reprisal could stifle. In her astonishingly honest autobiography, she confesses about the most important events of her childhood and the period of her husband’s release from prison.