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Meet some of our special friends

I love MAI’s ministry partners. They are the men and women who faithfully give and pray for our work around the world.

Last year MAI led trainings in 20 countries for more than 390 participants from 35 countries, and it’s safe to say this far-reaching ministry wouldn’t have happened without their support.

You’ve read about global Christian publishers and writers served by MAI, and about the new books published and transformed lives of readers. But you haven’t yet met the people who faithfully partner with us to help end the famine of locally authored Christian literature.

So, I’d like that to change. In the coming weeks, we will share brief “Partner Profiles” that introduce you to friends who support MAI in their prayers and gifts. They represent many different ages, backgrounds and interests, but share a common love for Christ and the ministry of the written word. We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Maybe their thoughts and experiences will resonate with you, or even spark an idea for how you might want to get more involved in God’s work around the world.

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