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Remembering Marion Stroud

Author Marion Stroud was fond to quote, "A drop of ink can make a million think."  Indeed, her books touched countless lives, and will continue to do so even now that she is with the Lord. The former MAI-Europe Board member and writer trainer is remembered in the following article by editor Tony Collins.

Marion Stroud, who died on August 8th, was one of Lion Hudson’s most longstanding and most successful authors. Her Gift of … series sold nearly a million copies, in 14 languages, and stayed in print for 30 years. In all she wrote well over 20 books.

Marion was not only a prolific writer: she was a most generous-spirited individual, full of encouragement and advice, and a good friend to many. Intelligent and warm-hearted, she was a pleasure to work with, and a role model to dozens of aspiring authors.

Marion originally trained as a physiotherapist before leaving employment to start a family. She decided to combine motherhood and authorship, initially writing children’s novels before starting a long and distinguished list of books for adults, all infused with her compassion and common sense. Her first adult volume, I Love God and My Husband, was followed a few years later by Loving God But Still Loving You and Knowing Me, Knowing You. A woman of great energy, she was a long-term foster carer, and shared her experiences in Fostering No Illusions.

“I want my writing to be rooted in reality,” she explained,  “which is why I take time to learn about current issues, both in the church, in the national news or by talking to others about the little things that shape our happiness. And all the people I meet, whether it was when I sat in court as a magistrate, or now help in our church play group or act out Bible stories in our local primary school, keep me in touch with life as it really is. It’s wonderful what you can learn while travelling by bus, or sitting in a café, especially in these days of mobile phones!”

As a child she lived in the Far East, and was keenly aware of the needs of those who do not have access to Christian literature. Her work as a trainer for Media Associates International, which encourages and fosters the development of Christian writing worldwide, was particularly important to her. Through MAI she was a personal mentor to a number of authors, who appreciated her sweet spirit and sharp wit.

Marion was no stranger to illness, which she bore with immense courage. Her sensible and practical Face to Face with Cancer first appeared in 1988 and went through three editions.

Her last publications, in 2013, were new British editions of two fine books of prayers: Dear God, It’s Me and It’s Urgent, and It’s Just You and Me, Lord.

She will be mourned by hundreds of friends around the world. The distinguished American novelist Robin Jones Gunn commented on Facebook: “Marion will be deeply missed by so many. I can't wait to see her again in heaven but oh, what a loss to us now on this earth. Her joy in the Lord was contagious. My heart is glad for her but sad for her family and friends who always relied on her for cheer and wisdom.”
She is survived by her husband, Gordon, a retired dentist. She and Gordon had five children, and 16 grandchildren.

Photos above courtesy of Andrey Kravchenko, Ukraine. Both photos taken at the European Publishing Forum, Hoddesdon, England, 2015.

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