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Standing with our "family" in Nigeria

We often speak of the “MAI family”—men and women who attend our trainings and stay connected in friendship and spirit. Today a member of this global family, and his nation, need our prayers.

Yesterday Pastor Luka Vandi, general manager of African Christian Textbooks (ACTS) in Jos, Nigeria, emailed to describe the Boko Haram terrorist violence in the northeastern part of the country.

“Our church headquarters has been taken over by Boko Haram,” wrote Pastor Luka, who attended LittWorld 2012 in Kenya. “Over 200 churches have been destroyed. Over 8,000 members killed.”

Regarding his family’s safety, Pastor Luka (pictured below) said, “My mother and sisters are still in the bush between Nigeria and Cameroon, as they were denied refuge in Cameroon. We are hoping they are well for there is no network [to help] as expected. They are managing every little food they can lay their hands on. They are completely circled by Boko Haram. There is no access to help them.

“My mother is over 70 years of age and needs medical attention, but we cannot send her drugs. Only prayers can help her at the moment. My local area is now over two months under siege. All sorts of killings, bombing of churches, destruction of houses and kidnapping are going on with no help. Most aged people are trapped with little children. The terrorists kill and move some to their camps.

“Our story cannot be told in a short email. It is a horrific and hopeless situation. One of the worst persecutions of our time. The government…has no political will to act and help people, while the church is helpless to do anything. We need serious prayers for our people.

“Christians in northeastern Nigeria are the worst hit. We thank God for those who are able to escape and take refuge in camps, caves and in the bush.

“We need your prayers as the situation continues to worsen,” he said, concluding with greetings to “the MAI family.”

So, MAI family, please take a moment right now to pray for God’s protection and provision for Pastor Luka and the church in northeastern Nigeria, and that God will intervene to end the violence. May our brothers and sisters in Nigeria know that they are not alone.

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