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Helping Readers in a Hurting World

Peace seems to ooze from Rev. Luka Vandi Uti, and it’s hard to imagine anything ruffling his calm demeanor. 

So, who would guess that Luka, managing director of African Christian Textbooks (ACTS) in Jos, Nigeria, serves in a literal war zone?

The region suffers from radical Islamist terrorism. More than 10,000 members of his denomination, Church of the Brethren, have been killed by Boko Haram terrorists in recent years.

Yet, the insecurity only steels his resolve, because people desperately need these Christian books.

“What strikes me about Luka is his determination to keep doing what God called him to do,” said an acquaintance. “I think most of us would probably give up in the face of that kind of conflict.”

Giving published voice to global Christians

MAI is privileged to provide training support for Rev. Luka’s team and for publishers in other volatile areas of the world. Excellent homegrown Christian content is most needed there.

“We need more [local] Christians contributing effectively to the marketplace of ideas in a world that is increasingly dominated and conflicted by issues related to ideology,” said Brazilian publisher Mark Carpenter. “MAI’s work has never been more necessary or urgent.”

Motivated to equip local writers at our previous LittWorld 2012 in Kenya, Rev. Luka and ACTS began holding writer workshops. The result: 10 new books alone to serve the Nigerian church. 

It’s easy to feel helpless and discouraged by the violence and chaos of our world.  But your support of MAI is making a difference in readers’ lives in the world’s hard places. Thank  you for helping us to equip men and women like Rev. Luka to create quality books and articles that nurture the Church and influence society.

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By John D. Maust, MAI President

Photo at top courtesy of Karen Crespo
Photo at bottom courtesy of Jeam Wong

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