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Looking at the "Take-Away" Factor for LittWorld

I’m always looking at the “take-away” factor for LittWorld conference participants. So, imagine my pleasure when Jean-Pasteur Katavo of eastern Congo wrote to share six things he took away from LittWorld 2012:

The need and my responsibility to train potential writers and form an editing team.
Many people have tried to write but with no success. They need to be oriented. I feel called to help them and rise a new generation of emerging young writers.

The necessity of creating a solid network for book distribution and the possibility of using local churches as focal points.
I will travel to meet with pastors and other church leaders in seven areas. During our conversations, I will conduct an enquiry on the possibility of using the local church both as a library and a bookstore.

Learning by doing and with the simplest “try and fail” method.
I learned from past failures of my fellow editors and determined to have their same courage in not giving up after making mistakes. Fear of failure will no longer hold me. I want to launch my initiative. Many projects of book writing are on my table now.

Targeting the needs and relevant issues of the readers, and writing books from the heart.
Many write just to give out their ideas, without trying to respond to readers’ needs or engaging their hearts. Other writers have ideas too high for the reader to pick; they mistake readers for giraffes that are able to serve themselves from high branches. I have discovered the secret: writing while having the reader in mind.

How to improve communication within the team.
Larry [a LittWorld trainer] made me aware of obstacles that build walls within a team, and he suggested ways to destroy these walls. Prevention is better than cure.

My responsibility to develop female writers and publishing staff.
I came from LittWorld with awareness that women in my country are the “forgotten stone,” but who also happen to be the most valuable. I will focus on them as writers, distributors, librarians and book sellers.

Within days of LittWorld, Jean-Pasteur requested prayer after M23 rebels overran his city of Goma. It seemed he had gone straight from the mountaintop experience of LittWorld to the valley of the shadow of death at home in Congo. However, he is not deterred in his zeal to implement his six "take-away" goals and ideas. Please pray for him and for peace in embattled eastern Congo.

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