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Day 3 in Central Asia, by guest blogger Ramon Rocha III

"The training not only inspired us but placed the fire in us to write for our people," said one participant our closing ceremonies. Loud “Amens!” reverberated in the room.
Praise God for the recently concluded writer workshop in this Central Asian nation. Our final day started with devotions led by Pastor X. Meditating on passages on "The vine and the branches" and "Martha and Mary," he emphasized that a fruitful writing ministry requires a continuing intimate relationship with Jesus.
Then I presented a session, “Writing for the General Market.” The long list of ideas, possibilities, opportunities and examples of interesting titles aimed at the secular market generated a lot of animated discussion amongst the writers. Seeing their excited faces, I sensed their eagerness to engage the general market with articles, hopefully even books, in the future.
The rest of the day was devoted to hearing their articles read aloud and the group acting as editors. In at least two instances, they burst into claps and cheers! "I was moved by her testimony." "I was there with her in her story. She's a very good writer." "I could hear and touch what she described there." These were just some of the comments appreciating the marked improvement in writing compared to what they wrote on Day 1. There were, of course, more comments on how to make the articles even better.
The group decided to come together again to critique one another's work and to encourage each other. One suggested that they name their group "The Spring of Life." Pray that they will persevere in meeting together regularly.

One woman who owns a monthly Christian newspaper offered to publish their articles. Our host presented a local website where their articles could be published and a potential future venue for self-publishing books. He also decided (on the spot) to withhold their certificates until they submitted two articles in polished form during the group's next meeting on Nov. 3.

Praise God for the enthusiasm and fire ignited among local writers by this workshop.

Pray that the writers will finish publishable articles by November 3 to submit to local publications. 

Pray also for the development of a strong publishing foundation.

Photo above: some participants' faces have been blurred for security reasons.

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