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Grieved with Envy (Day 2), by guest blogger Ramon Rocha III

It is very hard to capture in words what happened today, Day 2.

The teaching part went well except for the difficulty encountered in the 'show, don't tell' lesson. The two people who stood up, one was asked to describe her grandmother's kitchen and the other his first car. Both, especially the gentleman, found it difficult to use descriptive words. Our host traced this difficulty to the way the people were educated under the former Soviet Union. It was plain, straight forward, perhaps even a mechanical teaching style without heart and soul. People were simply not used to use imagery and vivid words in prose. Yes, they are very creative in their traditional poetry, but maybe not in prose? Everyone acknowledged that with more practice, this could be hurdled, no problem.

But the highlight of the day was the outpouring of the Spirit on our host and the rest of the group. He shared his experience when he and his wife visited Korea last year. They went to see a pastor in his office. There, he saw volumes upon volumes of bible commentaries in Korean, written by Koreans. They were not translations but original titles. Our host’s heart was grieved with envy. "Aren't our people worthy of such privilege? When can we reach this stage? When can I see important Christian titles written by the people in the local language?"
"Let's keep going. Let's keep trying. Let's work hard, extremely hard. Yes, there is no money in writing but we will do our very best to reach our people with articles and books written by the local people to reach the nation. No matter what it takes. I will not leave this country and will die here to help make this happen." Powerful conviction moved by the Spirit. The passion was evident. Tears welled in his eyes and in as many faces in the room.
My co-trainer Roger said, "We'll look back many years from now and say, 'These are the writers that started this movement, fired-up by the Spirit of God.'”

What the Lord will do in the future, if it pleases Him, will certainly be way beyond our imagination.

Ramon Rocha III, our director of publisher training, wrote this from a Central Asian nation where he and co-trainer Roger Palms are leading a first-ever writer workshop.

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Photo above: Roger Palms (right), former editor of Decision magazine, leads a workshop session. Faces of participants have been blurred for security reasons.

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