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Small Team, Big Impact

Last year MAI equipped 300-plus publishing staff and writers from 37 countries and the year before, more than 300 from 35 countries. This happened thanks to our volunteer trainers and to you—our ministry partners—but with only 3 staff at our suburban Chicago headquarters: Bonnie McCullough, Dawn Jewell and me.

Low overhead is a real plus. But I often wondered what more MAI could do if God provided the means for adding even one or two more staff.

So when He sent us a gifted man ideally suited for MAI’s ministry, we took notice.

Ramon Rocha III, a successful publisher from the Philippines and active MAI volunteer trainer in Asia, recently moved to the Chicago area to help care for his elderly mother. At first, Ramon looked for a publishing job. But then he sensed God calling him to serve in a missionary capacity to MAI and also OMF International.

Yes! But we had no budget for Ramon. So the MAI Board stepped out in faith to raise enough funding so he could begin working for MAI two days a week. One board member (a man) even started ironing for neighbors to contribute. It’s an encouraging start.

Ramon is our new director of publisher development. He leads MAI efforts to equip Christian publishing staff in countries where readers are hungry for locally authored Christian materials. Plus, his presence really helps me in terms of things that need to be done here at the office.

So now we are four at MAI headquarters, and the potential impact of MAI is even greater. Come visit us sometime. You are part of our team, too! 

Photo above courtesy of Matt Gibson

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