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Results Sometimes Take Time, But They Do Come

Just last week I received an email from a young Kenyan writer who invited me to write the foreword for her new book for Christian singles.

“The reason why I would be privileged for you to write the foreword is because the idea for the book was born during the first LittWorld conference that I attended in the Philippines,” Mary Kiio wrote.

“In my conference notes, I even wrote down my commitment to write the book. Eight years later and I believe that I am finally there.”

Congratulations to you, Mary, on the imminent publication of your first book, Single Life: Through My Eyes…and Yours. Your hard work and perseverance inspire all of us, and MAI is privileged to have had even a small part in your journey to becoming a published author.

One doesn’t always see immediate results in MAI’s ministry to equip and encourage Christian publishers and writers around the world. But whether it takes weeks, months or even years, as in Mary’s case, God is indeed producing results in the form of life-transforming books and articles that impact readers’ lives.

I wonder how many “Mary’s” will be at the next LittWorld coming up October 28 to November 2 on her home turf in Kenya?

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