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What a little training can do

As a graduate student I attended my first Evangelical Press Association (EPA) convention. That was 35 years ago. But I still have notes from a workshop on writing the “perfect circle” article. That is, you start with a “Wow!” element in the lead and conclude by referring back to the same “Wow!” element—thus bringing the reader full circle.

That little structure served me well over the years. You never know what you might come away with from a training conference.

Sometimes you learn one truth or idea that improves your work. Other times you meet someone who becomes a lifelong mentor or friend. Maybe God uses a session or speaker to give you the nudge, hope or fresh vision to persevere and excel in your writing or publishing ministry.

That brings me to LittWorld 2012. Many gifted men and women from around the world are eager to receive training and encouragement at the conference. But they will need scholarship help to get there. People like:

--a publisher from Pakistan wanting to create books that help Christians live as faithful witnesses in hostile surroundings

--a writer from Cote d’Ivoire seeking ideas on how to build a reading culture

--a Chinese publisher whose goal is developing national authors

--a young writer from Congo who promises to share everything she learns at LittWorld “to awaken writers” in her nation

These men and women have no equivalent of the Evangelical Press Association in their own countries. LittWorld would be their first, and perhaps only foreseeable, opportunity to receive needed training. You can help give them that opportunity through a scholarship gift for MAI. Now that would be something to say “Wow!” about.

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