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It's ALL about family, by guest blogger Keila Ochoa Harris

We live in a competitive world. The person sitting next to us is not our collaborator, but a threat. He may get the promotion we deserve. He may steal our ideas and become rich and famous. In the publishing world things are similar. We suspect the publishing house that suddenly wants to be close to us. We check the bestseller lists and wonder why some authors earn the praise we long for.

However, deep down inside we know we are not in this for the money or the glory. We edit, write, design and publish because that is our mission. We have chosen this way to communicate a life-changing message. We believe in what we do because it is what God has given us to do. But it’s not easy to go against the tide.
We may feel lonely. We work behind the printed page but nobody seems to notice. We may feel exhausted. We work long hours into the night and sales don’t come. We may feel frustrated. We invest in something that we strongly believe is good, but we don’t see any results.
On the other hand, maybe we have found the money and the glory. But….
We may feel insecure. We publish many books but none of them are changing lives. We may feel guilty. Here we are in our successful publishing house while others are struggling in difficult contexts of war, poverty and persecution. We may feel discouraged. Are we the only ones wondering if God is pleased with us?
The only place where we will find comfort, strength and peace will be in the midst of our family.
Would you be there for your grandfather in times of distress? Would you help your father in a financial crisis? Would you comfort your mother when she’s having a bad day? Would you give advice to your siblings in times of need? At the end of the day, it’s all about family.
We are more than editors, writers, publishers or designers. We are part of His family and, as such, we have brothers and sisters everywhere. It’s not about competition, but about collaboration. It’s not about who sells more, but who becomes more Christ-like. And the more we are like Him, the more we want others to be like Him.
This is what LittWorld stands for: family. In this event held every three years, men and women in Christian publishing from around the world get together. We forget about who sells more or writes better. We are family. We encourage each other. We share secrets and recipes of success. We cry and laugh together. We remember why we publish in the first place.
It’s not a competition but a family reunion. It’s a moment to fulfill His wish and be one. It’s an opportunity to be a family. Will you join us and share your heart? Will you come and help others who would benefit from your experience? Will you enjoy a little piece of heaven by being around your international family during one week?

We will be waiting for you with arms open wide.

Keila Ochoa Harris is a Mexican author, blogger, MAI trainer and Board member.

>>Learn more about LittWorld 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

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