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Keeping Work in the Workshop

“We need more time for writing.” Participants and facilitators alike voiced this sentiment yesterday in the A Rocha/MAI writer workshop in South Africa.

So, on the fly, we adjusted the program—telescoping some sessions and eliminating one or two other elements—to create this additional space. After all, this is a workshop. There’s always the temptation to take too much time talking about writing in a training workshop, rather than actually doing it!  Participants are spending many hours in front of their laptops and notebooks.

Having said that, we did have several hours of free time in the afternoon at this half-way point in the training. Participants could continue their interaction, and rest, either at the beach, sitting under the trees, or taking a walk.

The southwestern Cape of South Africa boasts one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in the world. It has miles of natural shrubland and vegetation known as fynbos. In fact, thousands of acres of fynbos stretch in all directions from the conference center.

We have a botanist and a naturalist in the group, so they led some of us on a stroll through the rolling vegetation—pointing out things like the flaming-red candelabra plant. We again witnessed the remarkable creativity of our Creator God at this scene location.

Then, it was back to work, writers praying for even a tiny portion of this divine creativity for the writing of their Bible meditations, poems, autobiographies and short stories. Pray they will persevere in their writing after the workshop ends, and that their words will impact lives.

Photos above courtesy Wortelgat Outreach Trust

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