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LinkedIn by Prayer

Last week a Polish journalist asked me to join his network on LinkedIn, the social media utility. Tom’s name didn’t sound familiar. But he certainly had some impressive credentials in his profile, and I noticed he’d just published a book studying God’s hand on events leading up to the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Hmmm… Who was this journalist? Suddenly it hit me. I had met Tom at a writer workshop in Poland in 1994. Then in his early 20s, Tom seemed quiet and shy. I visited with him often during that week and tried to draw him out a little. I gave him a family prayer card with my contact information, but then we lost communication for the next 18 years. Or, at least, that’s what I thought.

After I accepted Tom’s LinkedIn invitation, saying how good it was to renew contact after all these years, he quickly responded.

“I do not have a photo of your family that you gave me in Poland,” he said. “However I have it in my mind. I have prayed for you every morning from that day.”

Did he really say that? I reread the words several times. Tom had prayed for me every day since 1994? What a remarkable, amazing gift. And this from a man I had nearly forgotten. It was sort of overwhelming.

Now, Tom’s example has made me think: To whom should I give the gift of prayer? It could be someone next door or across the world. Can you also think of someone?

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