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A Publishing Pentecost

In the past week, writer friends from Congo and China sent me their book manuscripts to review. What a rare privilege to read about their experiences, and benefit from their spiritual insights.

I pray that a flood of books will emerge from international writers at the grassroots—books written and published in their heart language for their own people, and also in English and other languages for the benefit of the global church. We need this kind of publishing Pentecost.

You remember the story in the book of Acts, when believers in Jerusalem were suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in foreign languages. Hearing this, Jews visiting Jerusalem “from every nation under heaven” exclaimed in amazement, “We hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!”

In a publishing Pentecost, readers around the world will find topnotch Christian books written by their compatriots and exclaim, “We read their books and articles declaring the wonders of God in our own tongue.”

May every nation have at least one viable Christian publishing house, which is committed to publishing local authors. And may each of these authors strive for excellence in content and writing quality.

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